Wednesday, April 8, 2009


We, I and billy, will go to vote tomorrow.

We, just like most of you, have no idea who the hell those calegs are. We even thought the campaign rally this time around is turning into a freak show. So sorry to say this, but all the banners on the street proved it so.

But we, however, take our responsibility as citizen will vote anyway. Since we have no clue about the calegs, I think tomorrow we will vote for the party instead.

I actually avoid talking about one particular person on my blog, but I'm just itchin now. There's someone I know, this person is listed on my friend list on facebook, who said that he won't go voting tomorrow, but in a very cynical way. The reason was very simple. He was dissapointed with the government.

I dont have any reason against the golputs, but let me tell you this:

If you don't vote now, than you better have nothing to say, be it proud or bitchin', about our country and the government for the next 5 years.

Fair enough, eh?

*pssst.. other than taking responsibility as a good citizen and being patriotic, another reason to vote tomorrow is, I heard that Starbucks will be giving out free coffees for those who have voted by showing our inked finger. Nice! sengihnampakgigi


mardiana said...

rindi galak beneurrrr ... iya dah gw vote besok .. dapet kopi gratis pan :D

baba-bubu-bebe said...

huahahahaa... galak yah? :D