Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mood Booster

The recipe of today's mood booster:

a bloody red nail polish from Opi + a striking red-colored on the lips thanks to Nars Red Lizard topped with MAC On Hold to give it a little shine.

and of course......

Starbucks Tall Caramel Macchiato, courtesy from Ocha, and the appearance of Ocha's cute elephant small pouch

Oh, and I forgot. Starbucks is doing the stamp-collecting card again. Only this time, they're being a lil bit more considerate, we only need to get 10 stamps in order to get our free cup.

And when we bought 3 cups of coffee at the Starbucks Oakwood this afternoon, the cashier gave me 4 stamps instead of 3! celebrate Woo hooo... Well, it's only 1 free stamp, but anything free is making me happy, nonetheless sengihnampakgigi


mardiana said...

lohh beli starbuck juga toh kmrn???

baba-bubu-bebe said...

beli dong :D gak afdol kalo gak mampir :p