Thursday, December 4, 2008

I just called my husband, until before I called him, I still thought (& hoped) he's going to go home today. But turned out that's not the case. He's still unsure whether he could go home today or not. If it's not today, then tomorrow it is. Things are still uncertain, so I'm still hoping and praying that everything would be done today, so he could go home this afternoon.

Me and bebe slept over at my aunt's house on monday night, while billy's in bandung. Our bed was empty. On tuesday night, I slept alone at home, Bebe was still at my aunt's house, and billy was still in bandung. Our bed was occupied, but only with one of its owner. On wednesday night, me and bebe slept at our house, and billy was still in bandung. Last night the bed was occupied with two of its owner. And I thought tonight, all 3 of the owner would gather and sleep on that bed. Is it gonna happen or not? God knows. Sigh.

In the past few days, I feel my family's like the dvds in our house, scattered all over the place.

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