Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Shoes

Dear Shoes,

You are oh-so-cute. I just love everything on you.
you have the platform that is friendly for me
your heel height is right on my limit, but that's fine

Aside from cute, I also think you look fierce
Not overly fierce, you still hold a little femininity to make my feet look adorable

You know, I've been layin' my eyes on you for a several months now
You must be so good, you keep stayin at the regular section, not at the sale one yet.
It's ok. I understand. You are gorgeous.
You deserve it.

One (not so) little problem thou, why the heck you cost me more than $100?!?
It is waayyy.. out of my leaguee.... nangihnangih

Well, at least now you understand the main reason why I haven't adopted you yet
It's not because I dont want you, for I want you badly
But adopting you would cost me a month of my coffee, shopping, and grocery budget.

Bye bye shoes
hope one day you and my feet will eventually meet and be best friend cium

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